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# Show/hide UIs according to ENUM or CHECKBOX

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### @TigerHix – (2 years ago)

It would be nice if we can, on the UI settings page, specify hiding that UI under certain conditions: when a ENUM UI holds a value of x, or a CHECKBOX UI is checked, etc.

For example I am doing a blog project; sometimes editors write their own articles, sometimes they just paste a link to another site. Of course I can create two tables, one called "own_articles" and one called "links", and fetch both of them in the mobile client. But since basic elements remain the same: title, author, date, header image, it seems a bit heavy to me. So I came up with a table, there's a WYSIWYG editor, and also a CHECKBOX called "Is external?" and a TEXTINPUT where users paste the external link. Now the WYSIWYG and the TEXTINPUT are shown together, which can confuse the user. A more elegant way of presentation would be using the feature suggested: when the CHECKBOX is checked, the WYSIWYG hides and the TEXTINPUT shows, vice versa.