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Node JS API (Server side)

I dont know php....

I am currently using directus-sdk-javascript in my nodejs service, and that works great. I Can't really figure out why it would be a good idea to create a Node JS API (Server side) - So please enlighten me :)

@Froelund, it would be primarily a big speed-improvement. Node's event-driven single-threaded IO is blazingly fast when it comes to database operations.

Okay. I could buy that - But I'm not sure that a nodeJS would prove faster then PHP in this scenario . If it is faster, and it might be, I think for the sake of a project architecture, we should be going for either PHP or nodeJS Server Side library. Are these things specified somewhere? Seems to me, that the title should say "Move to NodeJS"?

Is this still going to be available in Q1 of 2018?