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# M2M item list names

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### @Elvanos – (3 months ago)

I suggest adding a possibility to display one field (or more) of all items in the M2M relation when on the list of items in a table. Right now you only see the amount of them and their count (example: 1 item).

It would be very helpful to be able to see what is actually in the list - for example, if I have 10 actors and 20 plays and they are paired criss-cross. I will get to see that an actor belongs to 10 items, but I dont know which plays unless I click on it. It would be incredibly helpful to have this available.

EDIT: I made a very quick and dirty band-aid change to minified UI js file to showcase what I had in mind:

It basically runs through all instances of items in the JS object and checks if a field called "name" exists and it does it populates the output string with the values. If such a file doesnt exist, it goes back to the standard 'X-items' pattern.

I would personally suggest for this field to either be manually pickable through UI or be hard-set as one of the selectable options when creating a new table (system_title, maybe?).