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# disable third-party request (gravatar) by default

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### @raffaelj – :+1: (6 months ago)

After a fresh installation I didn't expect, that this software would send personal data to third-parties like gravatar. One reason for hosting my own instance is to avoid tracking by global ad services.

Please remove this "feature" or make it optional with "privacy by design/default" in mind.

I would feel better and it would fit to the new GDPR in Europe.

Normally I would say "thank you for your great software", but I wasn't able to test any feature before I found this gravatar issue.

related notes:

### @rijkvanzanten – :+1: (6 months ago)

Hey Raffael! I never thought of Gravatar as a privacy leak, but now you mention it, we do indeed send the users email address to Gravatar. We've decided to remove the Gravatar functionality completely from the next major version because of this. Thanks for the heads up