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# Draft edits on published record

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### @john-kurkowski – :+1: (1 year ago)

Iterating on content, without having to get it perfectly right on the first save, is critical to modern digital writing. Other headless CMSes like Contentful and Prismic let writers accumulate updates to a published record, without inflicting it on customers immediately. Prismic in particular lets you group multiple record changes, which can be scheduled. When the writer gets everything right, when they're ready, then they can commit their draft atop the published version. In the base Directus install, draft records are mutually exclusive with published records. If a record is published, further changes are published immediately, without time to review or preview. Allow drafting further edits to a published record, without publishing it.

### @diegogurpegui – :+1: (9 months ago)

That would be great in terms of functionality. This might be also related to the possibility of keeping track of revisions and restore them eventually (