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# UI: Checkboxes (M2M)

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### @benhaynes – (2 years ago)

It would be nice to have an additional, simplified UI for handle MTM fields: simple checkboxes.

Let's say I have a People table and a Roles table which are related MTM.

Now when editing an user instead of having a list of roles of this users to which I can add or remove items it would be nice to have just a few checkboxes like

[x] Administrator - [ ] Editor - [x] QA

which I can check or uncheck in order to assign roles - without the ability to create new roles and without showing any details on the roles.

In cases like this in which there are only a few possible items on one end of the relationship this would provide a simpler and more compact work flow.

### @benhaynes – (2 years ago)

And using the Checkbox UI with the SET column type

edit I think It's rather the "Multi Select" UI I am talking about.